about UnsafeMedia

UnsafeMedia exists to amplify culture and creative labor that would normally not find its way past the traditional media gatekeepers due to its subversive potential.

We try our best to offer work that is important and will have an impact beyond its initial experience.

Established in 2015, with the aid of FiTyMi International (see below), we’ve expanded from our initial publishing arm UnsafeWords to multiple divisions aiding the creation of comedy, music, audiocasts, film, and art. 

Structurally, we are a non-hierarchical collective. When we originally came together, we designed the firm according to what we would like to see all workplaces look like in the future. All staff are compensated equitably on the basis of time, effort, and sacrifice. All jobs are a balanced mix of empowering administrative tasks, talent/skill-based responsibilities, and rotating “shitwork” duties. 

As part of our unorthodox (i.e., equitable) business model, we also book our artists for speaking/performing engagements (see UnsafeGuests).

Unfortunately, we are not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time. However, if you have work that you feel our staff would enjoy (and is in line with our radical politics), you’re welcome to send it on (see Contact page). 

about FiTyMi

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, FiTyMi International provides seed money and mentoring for various collective ventures around the world. Our mission is to offer workers a way to make a contribution (and not just a living), while sustainably operating in a model that flouts conventional business wisdom. In short, we’re building an economic alternative.