(because everything is more dangerous live)
A division of UnsafeMedia

In a media landscape of streaming and digital downloads, and because we purposefully make our work accessible to all audiences (no matter their class status), a great deal of our revenue comes from the booking of live readings, talks, performances, showings, etc.
Considering the unconventional nature of this arrangement, we will forever owe a debt of gratitude to our family of cultural laborers, many of whom have maintained this element of our professional relationship after having moved onto greater notoriety.
If you are interested in booking from our roster, see Contact page.


H.F. Valentine
Reverend J. Frank Layman
Lonnie Ray Atkinson
Garland Terry
Bubba Ezel
Rachel Blair
C.C. Earle
Stacy McClain
Jaye Junior-Brown
Keith Mangrum
Phayvanh Thammavong
Rhonda Eslick
Brandon Brown
Misty Ray Jernigan
Chris Trapper

Standup Comics

Paul Stuck
Amaris Stapls
Kristen Hullinger
Zach Wells
Justine Jenkins
Corey Burke
Dirk Bachus
Colton Spriggs
Brad Konowitz
Dani Baldizon


Scott Penny
Dagger Bean
Genesis McCarthy
Emmanuel Prince
Joe Moye
members of Priča

Bands/Solo Acts

Lesbian Dowry
Pop-up Orgy
Undead Jed and the Power Walking Zombies
Shorty Mountain


The ghost of Joe Frank
The Pre-Karen Karens
The Non-believer Modeling Agency
Monroe Serling
members (various) of the FTS Caucus


Ramiro Barfield
Lynette Ollinger
Lucas Hinz
Christine Fashbaugh
Elena Parrish
Ben Bimber