(art made for those who can’t afford to buy art)
A division of UnsafeMedia

You asked. We answered. We are working fast to get UnsafeWorks up and running. 
In addition to offering stand-alone prints, books, and touring exhibitions, we’d like to invite you to be the first to join the UnsafeArtClub, a subscription service with various sized, clear, art-print stickers that can be placed on anything to then turn that anything into some badass art. Considering our artists have similar politics, we believe this is a low risk monthly way for you to culturally treat yourself.
For those with meager resources, we will offer limited-life image downloads to have printed out at home or at any print or poster shop. 
And for those who just want some good old-fashioned merch (including merch for creators and creations within our other Unsafe divisions), we’ve got you covered.

Forthcoming Works

Ramiro BarfieldSunken (Printmaking collection)

Lynette OllingerUnsettled (Touring mixed-media installation)

Lucas Hinz The Softest Metal (Painting collection)

Christine FashbaughBlur Stains (Photography book)

Lonnie Ray AtkinsonBomb Graffiti (Mixed-media book)

Elena ParrishNo Place Like Home (Printmaking collection)

Ben BimberThe Billionaire’s Boy Club (Collage/mixed-media collection)