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Tough Guys, Bad Dudes, and Other Men My Father Knew
A Farewell to My Old Man and to Old School Masculinity

by Lonnie Ray Atkinson

How does one break with generational misconceptions of what it means to be a man without missing all that was there to be learned? How do you come to terms with the severity of the damage, while still holding onto the memory of the loved one who passed it to you?

Tough Guys, Bad Dudes, and Other Men My Father Knew juxtaposes old school stories of bar brawlers, shit talkers, and all manner of Southern macho motherfucker alongside intimate reflections on authority, alcoholism, and abuse.

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Don’t Think Of A Republican
How I Won A Republican Primary As A Lefty Progressive And You Can Too

by H.F. Valentine

A curation of the scandalous rhetoric and the unprecedented electoral truth-telling employed throughout H.F. Valentine’s groundbreaking campaign, Don’t Think of a Republican proves, as badass as his candidacy may have been, the idea of running a lefty progressive in a Republican primary was not really all that bonkers.

A Good Kid And His Ghosts
by Lonnie Ray Atkinson

The author of A Good Kid and His Ghosts went from confessing past wrongs in a confidential mental health support group to pioneering the grotesque spectacle that would come to be known as the Confession Industry. 

An absurdist nightmare of celebrity, media sensationalism, online cannibal culture, and the commodification of anything, this was a story that could only be resolved after it had inevitably fallen apart – and only the confessions were left. A memoir dragged to life by endless nostalgia, unfailing guilt, and the ghosts of “a good kid.”

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A new kind of Good News and a radically different Promised Land

by Reverend J. Frank Layman

So many of our futurists have become mere economists of prophecy. While they can describe a world ahead that is almost unrecognizable to what we knew 2 decades ago, they will make sure to insist it will be under the same economic model we had 2 centuries ago.

Depending upon how we combine and harness the potential of a handful of infant technologies, we have a shot at a real alternative. Something far beyond the Cold War debates over markets and central planning.

Offered as satirical performance pieces, garnished in the affectations of a country preacher, this revival-style series of fiery anti-sermons serves as an unorthodox yet necessary form of evangelism for this moment/movement.

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The Arborists
by Lonnie Ray Atkinson

In a bleak future, decades from now, Richard answers his opportunity queue and finds himself interviewing for a job with an undisclosed unit in the government’s geo-engineering program. 

Learning the unit has uncovered the physics for inter-dimensional travel, Richard is offered the opportunity to be part of a team tasked with creating alternative branches of reality and hunting for the technology that could save his world from looming climate collapse.

It is only when he is successful in finding this technology that Richard’s limited understanding of the program and the consequences of his “heroism” become glaring.

More than just an inter-dimensional travel adventure with a climate change backdrop, The Arborists is about what a hierarchical society does to individuals in power, the disconnect between the intentions and consequences of those who see themselves as saviors, and the type of imagination necessary for a better world to be realized.

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The Last Days of Nonviolence
A Portrait of the American Reckoning Movement

by Silminnäkijä

In March of 2014, amidst unending governmental gridlock and unprecedented corruption, the American Reckoning Movement put forth one simple and reasonable demand of the United States Congress that, if not met, would result in hundreds of thousands taking their own lives in protest.

Anticipating what would unfold, a small documentary crew from Finland traveled to the U.S. to capture the spirit and experience of this movement, only to have their footage seized days after filming ended. After years of petitions and court hearings, the most Silminnäkijä has been able to retain are transcripts of the audio.

With no legal resolution in sight, the crew members have decided to release the film in words, constructed for readers to experience not unsimilar to that of reading the subtitles to a foreign language feature.

In gratitude to the filmmakers and all those who took part in this definitive work, UnsafeMedia is honored to finally present to the world The Last Days of Nonviolence.

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