The Mike Mansfield Memorial Fund

The family of Mike Mansfield would like to express their sincerest gratitude for the tremendous outpouring of condolences and support. The sentiments expressed have been truly inspiring.

Having quickly met their declared monetary goal to establish a fund for current or future Gorren-Masterson employees to come forward with evidence that would corroborate Mr. Mansfield’s story and/or be sufficient to open a new investigation into his death, the family thinks it only right to honor Mike’s second wish of providing Mr. Atkinson with an audience.

So for anyone else who would like to show their appreciation and respect for what Mike attempted to do, you are encouraged to visit and read the work that brought Mike to the place where he knew – he had to make a stand.

Beyond that, the family simply wishes for supporters to spread the word about the film ( and keep pressure on the media to pick up the story, so we may finally validate Mike’s account and bring officials at Gorren-Masterson to justice.