A Good Kid and His Ghosts
by Lonnie Ray Atkinson 

The author of A Good Kid and His Ghosts went from confessing past wrongs in a confidential mental health support group to pioneering the grotesque spectacle that would come to be known as the Confession Industry.
An absurdist nightmare of celebrity, media sensationalism, online cannibal culture, and the commodification of anything, this was a story that could only be resolved after it had inevitably fallen apart – and only the confessions were left. A memoir dragged to life by endless nostalgia, unfailing guilt, and the ghosts of “a good kid.”


Lonnie Ray Atkinson:
A writer born in East Nashville (back when that shit meant something), Lonnie Ray Atkinson has learned one thing about the work. Assholes strive to be clever; writers strive to be authentic.
In addition to A Good Kid and His Ghosts, he is the author of Tough Guys, Bad Dudes, And Other Men My Father Knew. “There are books you want to write and books you need to write. These two are the ones I needed to write.”




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